Breathe Easy: Cleaning Your Heat Pump Water Heater's Air Filter

Maintaining your heat pump water heater's air filter is crucial for optimal performance and efficiency. A clean air filter ensures proper airflow, extending the life of your unit and reducing energy costs. Follow this step-by-step guide to clean your air filter, keeping your water heating system running smoothly.

Steps to Clean Your Heat Pump Water Heater's Air Filter:

  1. Locate the Air Filter: Find the air filter compartment, usually located near the top or side of the unit.
  2. Turn Off the Power Supply: Ensure safety by turning off the power supply to the heater at the circuit breaker.
  3. Remove the Filter: Open the compartment and carefully remove the air filter.
  4. Clean With Mild Soap and Water: Gently rinse the filter under running water. Use mild soap if needed to remove dust and debris.
  5. Let It Dry Completely: Allow the filter to air dry thoroughly. Do not replace a damp filter as it can lead to mold growth.
  6. Reinsert the Filter: Once dry, place the filter back into its compartment, ensuring it fits securely.
  7. Restore Power: Turn the power supply back on after the filter is safely in place.


Regular cleaning of your heat pump water heater's air filter is a simple yet effective way to maintain the unit's efficiency and longevity. By following these steps, you can ensure that your system continues to provide reliable and cost-effective hot water. Mark your calendar to check and clean the filter every three months or as recommended by the manufacturer to keep your heat pump water heater in top condition.