In Philadelphia, where winter storms can occasionally knock out power, it’s important to have a backup power plan for your home’s heating system. Using an EZ Generator Switch with a portable power station like the EcoFlow Delta offers a reliable solution. This setup ensures that your furnace continues operating during outages, keeping your home warm and safe. Here’s a guide on how to effectively use an EZ Generator Switch with an EcoFlow Delta.

Understanding the Components

EZ Generator Switch: This manual transfer switch allows you to connect essential circuits in your home, like your furnace, directly to a backup power source. It’s designed for simplicity and safety, enabling a quick switch from utility power to a generator without the risk of back-feeding the grid.

EcoFlow Delta: The EcoFlow Delta is a portable battery power station capable of supplying large amounts of power, typically used for running appliances during camping or power outages. Unlike traditional gas generators, the Delta is quiet, doesn’t produce emissions, and can be used indoors.

Benefits of Using an EcoFlow Delta with an EZ Generator Switch

  1. Emission-Free Operation: The EcoFlow Delta provides clean energy without the emissions associated with gasoline generators, making it ideal for indoor use during an outage.

  2. Silent Running: Unlike conventional generators, the EcoFlow Delta operates almost silently, which is a significant advantage in residential areas.

  3. Ease of Use: Battery power stations like the Delta are typically more user-friendly than gas generators. There's no need to store fuel or perform complex maintenance.

  4. Rapid Deployment: In an emergency, the Delta can be quickly connected to the EZ Generator Switch, providing immediate power to critical systems like your furnace.

How to Set Up an EZ Generator Switch with an EcoFlow Delta

  1. Assess Power Requirements: Check the power requirements of your furnace to ensure the EcoFlow Delta can handle the load. Pay particular attention to the startup wattage, which is higher than the running wattage.

  2. Install the EZ Generator Switch: Installation should be near your main electrical panel and furnace. It is recommended to hire a professional electrician to ensure the installation complies with local codes and safety standards.

  3. Connect the EcoFlow Delta: Once the switch is installed, you can connect the Delta to the EZ Generator Switch using appropriate cables. Make sure the connection provides enough power capacity to handle the furnace’s load.

  4. Test the System: It’s important to test the system before you actually need it. Simulate a power outage to ensure the Delta can successfully power your furnace via the EZ Generator Switch.

  5. Regular Maintenance and Checks: Keep the Delta charged and check it periodically. Although maintenance is minimal, ensuring the battery’s health is crucial for reliability.


Combining an EZ Generator Switch with an EcoFlow Delta creates a powerful, efficient, and eco-friendly backup power solution for your furnace. This setup is ideal for Philadelphia residents looking to stay warm during unexpected power outages without the hassles associated with traditional generators. As always, understanding your specific needs and consulting with a professional can help optimize this setup for your home.